Recent Victories

2015 was a big year for the office.  Kate Hardie successfully secured the release of a man facing a Sexually Violent Predator petition at jury trial.  That client had been in custody for 20 years including prison and state hospital time and the State was attempting to commit him indefinitely as a Sexually Violent Predator based on his molestation priors.  The jury found the petition not true and the client is now with his family after spending 20 years in custody.

Later in the year, Kate secured a dismissal for a man facing four felony counts of battery on a firefighter.  At the preliminary hearing, the case was reduced to a misdemeanor and then dismissed on the date of trial.

A charge of attempted car jacking and three charges of attempted kidnapping were reduced to one count of driving a car without the owners consent in a disposition obtained by Kate in Pomona for an incident caught on videotape.  A shooting into a car in Compton was also settled for time served and no probation during the summer months.

Most recently in January of 2016, Kate secured the release of a man facing 26 years on multiple child molestation and rape charges after a full acquittal on all charges by the jury.  This man had been fighting this case for almost 18 months and waited in jail after one mistrial for discovery violations by the prosecution and one dismissal by another prosecutor who was unwilling to try the case within the time period.  Luckily, the client’s patience paid off and his record is clean and freedom restored.

Smaller resolutions included probation on a felony multi count sex crimes case, dismissal of a misdemeanor speed exhibition case, dismissal of an identity theft case, dismissal of a cocaine sales case on the eve of trial, probation on a residential burglary with person present and priors, and a dismissal of an assault with a deadly weapon and burglary case at preliminary hearing.

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