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2015 was a big year for the office.  Kate Hardie successfully secured the release of a man facing a Sexually Violent Predator petition at jury trial.  That client had been in custody for 20 years including prison and state hospital time and the State was attempting to commit him indefinitely as a Sexually Violent Predator […]

A new bill went into effect for the New Year authored by my very own Senator Ted W. Lieu.  This bill seeks  to avoid wrongful convictions from false confessions.  The juvenile brain is not fully developed and is more prone to suggestion and impulse.  Many juveniles have been wrongly convicted because they are coerced into […]

  DUI Check points and the Constitution   The holidays always bring on overindulgence- in food and alcohol- with the countless office parties, New Year’s soirees and for some just an attempt to cope with stress and family during this demanding time of year.   Many have also probably noticed the increased publicity regarding drunk driving […]

The law of self-defense in the state of California is an affirmative defense.  That means that you can still be charged with the underlying crime, even if it was done in defense of yourself.  Once the crime is charged, it is the defendant’s burden to put on the affirmative defense of self-defense.  A defendant need […]