The Law Offices of Kate Hardie is dedicated to the sole practice of criminal defense. By limiting her case load and working alone, Kate Hardie, ensures that you will receive the most personalized service with as little stress possible since facing a criminal charge is bad enough. At the Law Offices of Kate Hardie, your case will never be farmed out to a less experienced associate. Attorney Kate Hardie will answer and quickly return all of your calls and make all of your court appearances to assure the smoothest representation possible.

Kate Hardie attended the top law school in Los Angeles. Since graduating from UCLA Law over 10 years ago, she has dedicated herself to the exclusive practice of criminal defense. She learned trial skills at the Los Angeles County Public Defender’s Office. This allowed her to try over 50 cases in front of a jury, handle hundreds of DUIs, thousands of drug cases and many complex felonies from murder to sexual assault, child molestation, financial fraud, armed robbery, and felony child abuse. She has settled many life in prison cases for terms in the SINGLE digits and takes pride in all of her cases from the smallest offense to the most serious. Every case is serious for the client facing the charge; even a simple misdemeanor can threaten one’s career, family and reputation. During her years as a Deputy Public Defender, Ms. Hardie was able to move around the county and get to know many Judges and Deputy District Attorneys. This network and knowledge will add to her ability to handle your case and get the right results.

Ms. Hardie now practices solo so that she may dedicate all the time necessary to each and every client in order to provide a more personalized experience than one might have dealing with a government or large firm attorney.   Ms. Hardie selectively limits her caseload so that she may be her best on every case.  Criminal defense is Kate’s passion; she loves to fight for what is best for her clients and is not afraid to go to trial. At the Law Offices of Kate Hardie, you will get the best representation because you are hiring a trial attorney, not a business person looking to churn cases for a profit and farming work out to less experienced associates. Ms. Hardie takes pride in her work and will examine every facet of your case to build a winning defense. She understands how scary and foreign the criminal courts system is to people and takes time to explain every step and ease the stress of your experience. Ms. Hardie is also cognizant of all the collateral issues that come in to play with a criminal charge and is happy to assist at any employment and licensing hearings that arise out of a criminal case. Protecting her clients, their careers and reputations in a holistic and tailored manner is the ultimate goal of the Law Offices of Kate Hardie.

The Law Offices of Kate Hardie is available to hone a perfect defense on all types of criminal charges from traffic offenses to DUIs to serious and violent felonies.  Kate Hardie is a Certified Criminal Law Specialist by the State Bar of California which requires a focus in criminal practice, a written test and evaluations by opposing counsel, peers and judges.